AttrAct Audio Course on Law of Attraction

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About Course

Listen, learn & use Law of Attraction on the go! It’s that simple. AttrAct Audio Course will help you in activating the Law of Attraction and begin attracting your dreams, effortlessly.  

What Will You Learn?

  • This course is for you...
  • If you are someone who wants to bounce back and turn your life around and genuinely want to attract the life you want despite any external negativity, this course is for you.
  • Also, if you are someone for whom staying motivated has been an issue lately, have been handling the lows of life and want to change your life for the best, this course is for you.
  • What you will learn?
  • How to begin from the scratch and change your life from this moment onwards?
  • How to stay more positive and happier?
  • How to attract the life you have always wanted?
  • How to apply Law of Attraction correctly and consciously to create the reality of your choice?
  • Don't miss out and enroll for this course NOW! Trust me, it will be worth every penny spent.

Course Curriculum

Law of Attraction – An Introduction
Introduce yourself to the concept of the Law of Attraction. Learn about its origin and the greatest achievers in the history who not only have endorsed the concept but have also helped cascade their learnings to people through their inspiring work. Learn about the greatest of the books written on the subject. Get the most outstanding books on the Law of Attraction and my book “Law of Attraction; It works through you” in the resources section.

  • Law of Attraction Introduction

What is Law of Attraction?
Learn the answer to the basic and the first question “what is Law of Attraction?”. Learn about the core and the simplest statement that defines Law of Attraction. The statement is explained in the simplest way possible and will help you learn where and how to begin applying the Law of Attraction in life. Check out the resources section for the links of information on Law of Attraction to explore.

Deeper understanding of the concept
Learn the statements used to explain the concept of Law of Attraction, the missing links to those statements and how understanding this will help you apply the concept in a better way. The resources section has the Alignment Sheet for you to check out if your thoughts, beliefs and feelings are aligned with your dreams or not.

  • Dive deeper into the concept of the Law of Attraction

Science behind Law of Attraction
Understand the science that explains the Law of Attraction and how it works. It will not only help you have more faith on the concept, it will help you to apply the concept in a much better way and to the fullest in your favour. The section will also help you understand what your frequency is, how to raise it, and how to ensure you effortlessly match your frequency with the frequency of your dreams to attract it.

  • Understand the science that backs the Law of Attraction

Activation of Law of Attraction
Understand the steps needed to activate the Law of Attraction. It comprises of the basic steps which people generally speak about plus the missing step that people usually fail to acknowledge. Find out what that missing step is in this session.

  • Understand the steps you need to take to activate the Law of Attraction

Is your Law of Attraction broken? And how to fix it?
Learn how to make Law of Attraction in your favour and not on autopilot. Learn why Law of Attraction doesn't work sometimes and how to fix it, what to do and what not to do and mistakes you should avoid while applying it.

  • Learn how to make Law of Attraction in your favor and not on autopilot

Material Includes

  • Simple and easy to understand downloadable audio sessions
  • Listen on the go audio lessons - listen and learn anytime, anywhere
  • Free interesting and fun resources, practical worksheets and assignments to help you master the Law of Attraction
  • Free amazing top 5 books on Law of Attraction (downloadable PDF files)
  • Niharika's e-book on Law of Attraction (Law of Attraction; It works through you!!!)
  • Fast and friendly support in the Q and A section
  • Lifetime access to course updates


  • If you do not know about the LoA and yet want to use it to attract the life you want, this course is for you.
  • If you are aware of the concept behind the LoA, have never used it before but want to give it a try, this course is for you.
  • If you know about the LoA and even using it but most of the time you keep wondering why it’s not working for you, this course is definitely for you.